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Welcome to “Too Wired Hosting” company … I am your host .. HARTLEY B SINGER (aka HART).

Please note that I am in development of this website and theme and it appears that there are some “old blog posts” included that are not from me, but came with the theme. The “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” text hopefully, should give that away. I do want to review them and the royalty free images that came with these posts to see if I can salvage them and recycle these posts into some REAL content – so, let’s say everything before this date in time and this post is #Fake News!

But, please take a chance to look around at my “ABOUT ME” page (top menu) and hosting plans. I have tried to give the most to plans for the end user. I am not overselling users to the servers, and am offering monthly, quarterly and annual hosting payment options. Most plans you search online that seem attractive, are probably based on 3-year plan, payment in full must be paid upfront. I think a lot of people out there, like me, prefer a much shorter term that fits your budget and makes it easier to become scalable to find a plan that fits your needs.

Thanks for visiting!

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