I am offering three types of hosting plans, each with it’s own options and levels:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Managed VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Server Hosting

Basically, I am part of the shared hosting, and I will NOT oversell the space to users. All proceeds are seen as a reduction of my own personal hosting costs, which allows me to expand my own online operations while helping others and saving a little money on my own hosting costs! If you are familiar with “Reseller Plans” .. that is basically what I am using. With each account, I am on multiple servers (10) with 512 GB RAM and 500 load balancers. Load balancers are devices that acts like a reverse proxy and distributes network or application traffic all across a number of server which is used to increase capacity (i.e. concurrent users and reliability of applications or “CPU usage” other host providers talk about).

We run monthly and weekly backups, and all backup data is stored offsite, in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment. This means that space is utilized and optimized for speed, not storage. And, each of my accounts allows up to 1 TB of diskspace and based on whether used or not, once I allocate it for shared hosting users and fill it up, I will get another account. This way everybody is optimized and no overselling by Too Wired Hosting!

All Managed VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers are completely separate from my own ventures, and I do have a cost. My listed prices on this website provides me with a reasonable rate of return, but as a “little guy” gives me great flexibility in either adjusting price – or product service (add-ons) to users, clients and friends – as long as I get my fixed costs covered!

So please remember and take to “HART … “It never hurts to ask

For the higher end option plans (VPS/Dedicated Plans) – PLEASE ASK and NEGOTIATE! HART is flexible, and wants you to be happy and have the right hosting plan and/or price to fit your needs or budget.

Please note: All our servers are monitored by system admins via Datacenter, and a typical response time to any failures is usually under 5 minutes. For unusual or special requests, online support is available 24/7 via support tickets. Minor questions may be sent to HART via our contact page here, or other social media methods (if you know HART) since he is also practically online and awake 24/7 as well! 😀


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