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That’s me … HARTLEY B SINGER (aka HART). By day I am an accountant and consultant and by day, night and every other moment of my waking hour, perhaps just like you .. I am online playing, working, living, chatting and trying to turn hobbies into hobby businesses and real online business and ventures! is part of the HART-Empire Network, which is a division of HBS Management Consultants, which is a proprietorship owned by Hartley B. Singer of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. You can just call me HART (aka TooWiredHosting Admin). I registered this domain in June 2017 but I can assure you that I have been online, with websites, on the internet since July 1996 and when DSL was still being confused with a freight company!

I have been using WordPress for blogs since version 1.5.1 that was released in May 2005 with my blog Growing with a bunch of related sister sites, the HART-Empire Network was born in November 2005.

Since 2005, I have had multiple Shared Hosting accounts, a Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting account, a few Reseller accounts, and even a Dedicated Server between 2007 and 2013. I ended up downsizing back to multiple Shared Hosting accounts in 2013 after I personally suffered a head trauma injury giving me Fourth Nerve Palsy, and stayed away from blogging. I am “okay” now, and have since started to rebuild the HART-Empire Network and expanding with over 50 domains and/or websites.

One thing I do know is that I have experience with web hosting – as, an end user. So, I have teamed up with a great host provider to help support my own blogging and e-commerce sites with the use of HIGH END SERVERS similar to the Neptune Plan offered. And, as a reseller I can PUSH a great shared hosting plan (shared with my own sites) with a DECENT share of diskspace and bandwidth.

Generally, unless you have a lot of websites pushing a lot of transactions and/or pushing a lot of traffic to your site that causes extra CPU and bandwidth .. the Shared Hosting plans should be all you ever need. I have come up with three basic plans with options offering either monthly, quarterly or annual payment plans to make it easier to work into your budget.

And, if you do need something better like a Managed VPS server or Dedicated Server for your needs .. I can help work with you and arrange TOP SERVER HOSTING PLANS and a reasonable price, compared to other hosting providers! Servers are based throughout the world, that best accommodates and suits the needs of the customer.

I hope you give me and “TOO WIRED HOSTING” a try! We will even move your data from your old account to our new account. All you need to do is provide us with the username and login passwords to your cPanel access and we can take it from there.

If you are curious how HART came up with the “Too Wired Hosting” ( name … basically, it is because HART had a domain since July 2008 called “2YRd” ( which was a short and easy URL that sounded like “too wired” if you spelled it out. Unfortunately, those close to me didn’t share that same observation so I just registered new domains with this spelled out. I also registered so all sites including just routes to 🙂

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part of the HART-Empire Network
a division of HBS Management Consultants